Early this weekend Kevin Elsenheimer made it known that he was withdrawing from the Court of Appeals contest and filing to run for the 105th. I was an early supporter of Kevin when he first ran for state office and I will remain an enthusiastic supporter. He has provided an unusually high degree of commitment to the people. I am proud to be represented by Kevin in Lansing and I will work to get him re-elected.


When Kevin files, I will withdraw from the race.


My campaign was short but very intense. I attended my first campaign event in Gaylord on April 5th and this weekend I attended both a Friends of the Jordan and a Grass River Natural Area clean up and finally on Sunday a benefit for the Bergman Center in Charlevoix.


In between these events I attended many meetings, lunches and dinners.  I contacted and talked to many fine individuals in the district. I personally wish to thank each person who had words of encouragements starting with my wife Sue, who always offers good guidance and put many of her plans on hold this summer to assist me in this effort.


There are many important issues facing Michigan’s 105th District. One that has caught my attention is the feeling by citizens that most government bureaucracies are not responsive to their concerns. While we have term limits and competitive elections for our legislative, executive and judicial branches of government, many government bureaucracies operate unchecked and unbalanced. I feel people are very frustrated by this condition.


I also hear that government should be run like a business. While I agree that much can be done to improve efficiency and cut waste, government is not a business. We cannot just “fire” a dissenting citizen. Governments are more like families. We may not agree with a member of our family, but they are still in our family.


America is great because her people are great.  What was true over 200 years ago I still find true today.


This does not end my commitment to this district which I will continue to serve to the best of my abilities.


Very Truly Yours,