Birth Family Christmas 2007
I  want to go on the record so you know what I mean when I say I am “pro life”. My wife and I adopted two children.

My children don’t mind if I tell you that they are adopted. They have known since they were babies in our arms that they “grew in someone else’s tummy,” and then came to us.

We have “open” adoptions, which honor the right of the birth mother to choose who will adopt their child. We see our children’s birth families once or twice a year. This has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience for all concerned.

Sue and I have a family because of the courage of two very brave young women, who dared to take good counsel and stand up to others in defense of their beliefs.

When I say I am “pro life” I recognize that an untimely pregnancy usually does not result in a positive resolution. I support efforts that prevent those pregnancies from happening. I will support any sincere effort that will reduce and ultimately eliminate abortions.

I am optimistic that our society can create a culture where every child is wanted.

More information about open adoption is available to anyone at
Catholic Human Services in Traverse City.
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